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Traditional parquet floor installers for more than 20 years, we specialise in the manufacture of floors and parquet flooring in solid or semi-solid oak, to which we add an authentic ageing treatment.
Being people who love old materials for their irresistible charm, we are experts in working with aged or pre-worn oak that can normally be achieved with the passing of time.
Worked on and completed in our workshops, our patinas are the result of a unique and complex ageing process that requires in-depth knowledge of the wood.
We do not use any tricks or synthetic colouring agent that would disguise the timber and give it an artificial colour.
Our patinas and colours are created by processes that cause a reaction in the tannin of the oak, thereby resulting in the most natural shades: these range from faded grey to ebony black and include tints of chestnut and cognac.

Inimitable, our aged floors are regarded by purists as being the most successful to date.

In this same spirit of authenticity, we also clad walls, staircases, heating grids, as well as furniture, to finish your interior to perfection (tables, display cabinets, bookshelves, etc.).
Based in Brussels, we can supply our products and services to anywhere in the world.
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The quality of our work has been recognised in numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information about the way we work.
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