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Artau Architectures

Artau Architectures

Architects from malmedy, Belgium
Artau s.c.r.l. (Atelier de Recherche en Techniques spéciales, Architecture et Urbanisme (Research workshop for special techniques, architecture and urbanism) was founded in 1984 by five young architects: Luc Dutilleux, Norbert Nelles, Fabienne Hennequin, Serge Bonnevie and Marianne Misson.

Today, the architecture agency artau counts about fifteen persons including twelve architects, a draftsman, an assistant, an accountant and a communication manager.

The annual average turnover amounts to 1,5 million €, 40% of which come from the "Health care" sector, 40% from eco-friendly apartment complexes, the remaining 20% from the turnover of projects with different functions (apartment buildings, hotels, school buildings, restoration of patrimonial nature,...).

artau s.c.r.l. claims above all an architecture that fits into context and presents an awakening effect.

The developed architecture intends to be a symbiosis with its context and the constraints that are linked to it.

The approach towards the client is in line with an altruistic will of awakening the architecture. It favours the active participation of the client in each research phase so that the architecture perfectly meets the requirements and needs of every client.

Each of the projects handled by the artau s.c.r.l incorporates the technologies that are best suited for their function with a special focus on quality, user-friendliness, energy saving, respect of the environment.

For several years now this sustainable and environmental approach has been at the heart of each project developed by artau architecture s.c.r.l.

In order to meet the constraints and objectives of their projects at best, artau architecture s.c.r.l. has built up over the years a network of experts in different fields such as stability, special techniques, acoustics, urbanism, landscape architecture, lightning, environmental conception, ... . Privileged partnerships with these experts enable artau to extend their sphere of competence beyond the general mission that is generally carried out by an architecture agency.

artau architecture s.c.r.l.has always focussed on rigorous quality. Our skills improve with our audacious projects and thanks to the confidence of our clients.

Today artau architecture s.c.r.l.takes on new challenges by carrying out huge projects such as the new hospital in Liège and several housing complexes that respect the philosophy of eco-habitat and sustainable development.