Associazione Acropoli
Associazione Acropoli

Associazione Acropoli

Architects from 38123 Trento, Province of Trento, Italy
Acropoli is a platform for the promotion of the most innovative aspects of architecture. Our association creates a connection among creative minds like architects, engineers and designers in general, with the professional and cultural world.

Today, the world requires the contribution of young generations that are much more familiar with combining new technologies with the needs of this dynamic contemporary society. Acropoli facilitates this process through the creation of a network made of young creative minds, pushing for the collaboration with other organizations that are willing to lead projects characterized by innovation and experimentation.

Founded during the fall of 2016, in its first operative year Acropoli led several activities with traders, organizations and cultural institutions. All the initiatives range from the design of the urban furniture and expositions all the way to the coordination of cultural events like conferences, seminars and workshops.

Our line of work deeply believe in involving young designers interested in finding solutions out of the box. Our associates are gathered in small groups that work on the project from the sketch to the prototype, keeping a pragmatic approach to the design process.
Our network of young creatives inclined to the hands-on experimentation allows Acropoli to be a benchmark for the development of projects that are non-conventional in the field of architecture, engineering and design.

In a reality increasingly characterized by digital interactions, Acropoli maintains a strong physical identity made of personal relationships with its members and its interlocutors, bringing attention to the importance of the inhabited space and the city.