Houdini™ Privacy Glass

by Bendheim
  • Light-diffusing, obscuring micro-fluted texture
  • Provides astonishing level of privacy
  • Lets in maximum daylight



Product Name
Houdini™ Privacy Glass

Product Type

Architectural glass
Decorative glass
Glazed partitions
Wall covering
Decorative wall cladding

Product Specs

Glass types

The low-iron, ultra-clear Houdini™ glass lets in maximum daylight, while its fine, micro-ribbed surface reduces glare and obscures the shapes of people and objects behind it. Houdini’s outstanding daylighting properties make it an ideal solution for any environment where privacy and natural light are vital, including healthcare and educational facilities, laboratories, corporate offices, and retail applications. The glass offers a budget-friendly alternative to expensive or cumbersome mechanical daylight and privacy controls, such as louvers and laminated privacy films, as well as dust-collecting curtains and blinds. Its contemporary linear pattern and durability make it a timeless, versatile design element.


Additionally, the Houdini™ Unlocked Collection transforms the privacy glass by laminating with color interlayers, chicken wire or to other patterned glass, or making the glass opaque by back-painting it or backing it with mirror. In opaque form – back-painted or laminated to mirror – Houdini Unlocked allows design professionals to extend the contemporary linear aesthetic to wall surfaces. The micro-fluted glass creates a crisp, sparkling appearance, adding dimension and rhythm to the space.

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