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Ceramica Vogue

Manufacturers from S.S. 143 Loc. Vergnasco, Cerrione, Italy
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Since becoming operative in 1978, Ceramica Vogue has always placed its skills at the disposal of design engineers and interior decorators, gradually acquiring a reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of frost resistant white body glazed stoneware for floors and wall coverings. The superb technical performance and increasingly beautiful appearance are the characteristic features of Ceramica Vogue products, which comprise a wide range of collections designed to create innovative furnishing solutions for both indoor and outdoor areas.

The catalogue contains a huge range of plain colours available in a variety of sizes and finishes, all of them complemented with special trims, which has helped create a successful image on European and international markets. Part of Ceramica Vogue products are destined for export worldwide, where the company has a network of agents and distributors, as well as its own offices in Russia and China.
Ceramica Vogue, which belongs to the Altaeco S.p.A. group, currently produces 2,500,000 sq.m. of tiles per year, has over 20,000 sq.m. of indoor warehouse facilities and employs a staff of 200.

Made in Italy

Ceramica VOGUE is an Italian company that invents, designs and produces high quality ceramics which are renowned around the world and able to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Choosing one of our products means choosing innovation and industrial processes which are based on cutting-edge technologies. Every one of our products is a well-balanced mix of excellent raw materials and innovative production techniques, which are able to guarantee a pleasing end result that respects the environment we live in. Our company is convinced that attention to aesthetics and the aware use of the most advanced techniques are fundamental for the creation of quality products. Italian tradition, work ethic, commitment to research and innovation, attention to design: these are the factors which set Ceramica VOGUE apart from the others, making it a recognised international leader in the production of frost resistant white body glazed stoneware for floor and wall.