Cordivari Srl
Cordivari Srl

Cordivari Srl

Manufacturers from 64020 Morro d'Oro, TE, Italy
Our company mission is to construct:

- household radiators,
- tanks,
- boilers,
- food quality storage units,
- chimney pipes,
- and to carry out metal finishing operations,

all in compliance with current regulations and to the full satisfaction of our Customers, working in a safe environment with proper quality control.
Quality is not an end, but rather a means of achieving our company goals.
Quality is not simply a sterile, pointless list of procedures, but rather an opportunity for great company growth, capable of collecting the energy from each finger in the hand and transforming it into the strength of a closed fist. Achieving our company goals means respecting the world around us, handing it down to future generations in a better condition than we found it.
Our company will continue to exist for as long as this desire for improvement lasts.