DFROST Retail Identity
Ulrich Schaarschmidt
DFROST Retail Identity

DFROST Retail Identity

Architects from Hauptstätter Strasse 59a, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany
We are brand and retail specialists. For the point of sale. Our know-how has been acquired over years of working with cutting-edge brands worldwide.

We work in interdisciplinary teams of specialists. Who take care of things. To produce unorthodox, fast-paced and, above all, visible brand presentation at the point where the purchase decision is made. Holistic. Unique. Precise.

From consultancy, creation and development to production and implementation. Across all channels. Defining the zeitgeist. And always cost-effectively and firmly focused on two objectives: boosting image and increasing sales.

We offer made-to-measure solutions – retail window display, visual merchandising, retail architecture, POS events, visual communication and digital solutions. From a single source.

We realise ideas, generate experiences, create retail identities. Successfully. On the basis of partnership. With real enthusiasm. And an exceptional standard of design and aesthetic. In spaces that appeal to all the senses.