Durbach Block Jaggers
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Durbach Block Jaggers

Durbach Block Jaggers

Architects from Level 2, Sydney, Australia
Neil Durbach, Camilla Block and David Jaggers are the directors of Durbach Block Jaggers Architects.

We are a permanent team of twelve who have worked together for over twenty years.

We are a practice committed to search for the possibilities of architecture itself – its power and poetry; its pleasure and necessity.

We work within the parameters of appropriateness and innovation, subscribing to a sensibility of sensitivity, seamlessly integrating landscape and architecture.

Our team is involved in every aspect of every project from inception to completion. We work from early conceptual framing to the forging of meaning, form and materiality.

Our work is recognised as both iconic and innovative through publications and awards.

Clients are our partners in the process. We are inspired by collaborating with others, working within a larger team to find creative solutions to complex problems.

In addition to traditional architectural presentation methods, DBJ work extensively with three dimensional models of projects both physical and computer generated. These models are used as iterative design tools and as essential communication with our clients.