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ebtca architecten
ebtca architecten

ebtca architecten

EBTCA architecten, founded by 2 partners, Tom Caluwaerts and Eve Berghmans, is a leading, multidisciplinary think studio that offers you a unique, customised support platform: from a new-build or renovation project to the restoration of a listed building.

Coming up with ingenious solutions to less than obvious and complex projects quickly has become one of our specialities over the years. But what really gives our (conceptually, technically and socially) innovative projects that extra edge is our uncanny ability to time and again pick and direct the right team.

Building for people requires careful consideration for the relationship between man and the built environment. It’s about paring things down to the essence: about giving people healthy, cleverly designed, compact buildings to live or work in, about the best orientation, about using sustainable, circular and safe materials. In sum, it’s about building with a healthy dose of common sense!

At EBTCA architecten, each project starts with an in-depth analysis of our clients’ needs and the constraints associated with the social and environmental context. Next, our construction plans are translated into a cost-efficient table with an analytical drawing that allows you to picture the various areas so that you can visualise the optimised, innovative, socially responsible use of space, conducive to social interaction.

Our enviable portfolio, ranging from housing to public buildings (cultural sector, care sector, retail, education…) confirms the success of this unique strategy.

Our ‘TOTAL’ projects are the result of a multi-disciplinary approach where cross-fertilisation between all the intermediate disciplines (sustainability, stability, technology, acoustics…) enhances our knowledge and allows us to keep surpassing ourselves so that our next project will be even better than our last.