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Enrico Realacci Architectures

The Enrico Realacci Architectures Studio, which has been running since 1999, is active in the creation and transformation of cultural and exhibition spaces, working environments, living spaces. With special attention to reuse and retraining of existing buildings. It is a creative, flexible and highly specialized structure, capable of managing complex projects through the integration of all needed professional skills: space planning, architectural, structural and plant design, project management, works direction. Specialist disciplines such as lighting, acoustic, active and passive air conditioning, domotics integration, multimedia design, furniture design and complex equipment, are fully part of our work. The entire design process is always managed, from the early stages, through a consolidated practice of integrated design. Three key points are characterising our project philosophy: 1. A search for sense and foundation, first of all, which pose the project issues as a question, before than as an answer. 2. The construction, through the project, of a variable balance relations system, sensitive to a subjective and emotional approach of the user. 3. A constant tension towards innovation, since we have long been convinced that the most advanced technology is also the least invasive: the more it improves, the more "artifice" approachs nature. We also strongly believe that the challenge of the incoming decades will focus on sustainability issues: lower consumption of land, matter, energy; retraining of existing buildings, of suburbs, of non-places. A big "mending job", not only for places and environment, but also for our history. With the aim of recovering the value and specificity of contexts, through their identity characters intensification. And for this challenge we feel ourselves very ready.
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