Faber Range Hoods
Faber Range Hoods

Faber Range Hoods

Manufacturers from N/A, Wayland, United States
Faber, Spa is located in Fabriano, Italy and has been producing high quality range hoods for over 50 years, since 1955. Professor Abramo Galassi invented the first Faber vent hood in a small laboratory in Italy and now over 50 years later we are a world leader in ventilation. In Italy, Faber is the market leader; with 50% market share in a country that values premium kitchen ventilation. Faber products show a company wide commitment to technology, quality and design.

Year Founded: 1955
Number of Employees: 1,824
Consolidated Sales: $245 Million Euro’s
Percent Increase in Sales: +8.4 %
Product Certifications: ISO 9001 (Yr. 2000), OHSAS 18001 (Yr. 1999), ISO 14001 (Yr. 1996)