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Set on the hills just outside the city of Turin CASA Y is a family house designed for a professional couple with 3 children. Clients’ needs were very large spaces devoted to family life and a low-impact energy and house. Tucked into the hillside, this discreet volume consists in the juxtaposition of two simple parallelepipeds, one in fair- faced concrete and the other in glass covered with cor-ten steel.

Concrete and cor-ten are a stylistic choice and a functional one, the answer to the client’s need of ease of maintenance and long-term durability. The living area with the kitchen forms a large environment whose ample loggia projects outwards, overlooking the valley. The rest of the building is nestled into the sloping terrain. A long narrow corridor forms the distribution circuit: its fair-faced concrete walls lit by shafts of light from a skylight running the full length of the passage way.

Tall narrow windows at the end of the corridors are a natural continuation of the skylight. The study of light has a great impact and importance: to reveal forms, wall planes and textures, architectural details and to enhance the livability of the spaces.

Sunscreens of horizontal cor-ten slats shielding the full- height glazed façades open out 90° to create a secluded area in front of each room. Deceptively simple, the building’s geometry is based on refinement and elegance.

This is evidenced by the juxtaposition of materials like fair- faced concrete and steel, and the contrasting textures and finish of the raw concrete walls: silky smooth on the lower floor on account of the steel formwork used, and rough and rustic on the upper floor, patterned by timber formwork. CASA Y combines elegance with rationality, architectural refinement of materials and certified energy efficiency.

Open House Film - Casa Y

Isplora as Film production - CES Credits AIA & CNAAPC

Open House Rome and Turin is part of the Open House Worlwide network, an international organization with headquarter in London, where the project took shape in 1992. 

Open House is an annual event that takes place during a weekend, celebrating design and architecture in various cities, offering the opportunity to learn about new architectures and their designers.

During Open House, everyone can take part in the hidden beauty of their city and consequently understand the value of good architecture for society.

The film conveys 4 examples, including two in Rome and two in Turin, where architects opened the doors of their houses giving the opportunity to create a direct dialogue between designers and visitors. Despite it is always a common destination, houses have very different configurations, concepts and approaches.

This interesting diversity makes us better understand the true value of the interior design and customization not only in terms of the geolocation and spontaneous cultural contamination, but also - above all – the importance of the designer and user who benefits from it.


Watch Open House Film and discover more about Casa Y

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