JCPCDR Architecture

JCPCDR Architecture

Architects from 12 Rue d'Enghien, Paris, France
"A scientist is a man or woman who devotes himself to the study of a science or science with rigor and scientific methods". Among them, geologists or engineers for example.

Here is the classic definition of an architect: "In its classical sense, the architect is a technician who designs a building. Responding to the needs of his client, he translates into a plan, a reflection on space, light, volumes and materials, and then conducts the works on site. As a high-level professional, he must have extensive knowledge and be supported by specialists to detail his project. "The Architect brings different sciences into a whole and combines them with his sense of beauty.

Contemporary technological transformations, the rapid evolution of materials and computer science, human and climatic stakes ... These are as many challenges for the architect of the future, who should always be aware and upstream of these innovations. JCPCDR Architecture’s approach of projects is combinatory: the architect must not draw and then ask for solutions, but solve by drawing, thanks to the "scientific" techniques related to his trade. JCPCDR Architecture strives for each of these projects to integrate new data.








New technological tools, climate change and ecological crisis… bring the architect to rethink his profession and think about the future with genuine honesty. Building in our contemporary world is a great chance that comes with great social and environmental responsibilities. Solutions exist and make progress, through robotics, new ecological materials and technological innovations... That is why, aside from its obvious creative development, JCPCDR Architecture also brings focus into research, and offer to its clients a wide panel of present and future-minded solutions.