saint denis

saint denis

JCPCDR Architecture
Rue Saint-Denis, Paris, France
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JCPCDR Architecture as Architects

Located in one of the most desirable and picturesque districts of Paris, this cosy, one bedroom 75m2 flat embodied most of the challenges commonly encountered in parisian elder buildings. Although daylight pours from windows on both ends, the apartment’s core seemed to stretch along a dark and rather narrow corridor. The new owner’s desire to make it a two-bedrooms was the perfect opportunity to give it a full fresh and comfortable refurbishment.

The floor plan was revised to add second bedroom and walk-in closet, with maximum efficiency. Most of the required circulation areas were grouped in the centre of the apartment, making the most of living spaces around windows on both sides. To define the spaces we decided to play with the heights of the floor to create a dining room space, a lounge space and a kitchen space defined by a particular design of the central platform.
The main design focus was brought on light, and its circulation through a contemporary and sharp geometric pattern. Though partitions were added to create an extra room, openings were carefully chosen to ensure that daylight would reach every corner of the flat.

Decoration and architecture are inseparable in this project, where every piece of furniture was custom designed in every detail, as a jewel to complement the space. 
White was of course the most luminous choice as a background colour, and the sharp lines of the design are enhanced by a fair wooden texture. Sparkles of patinated gold brass, and a touch of deep blue were chosen to add a luxurious feel to this warm and homely atmosphere.


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