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König + Neurath AG

Manufacturers from Karben (Frankfurt), Germany
High performance workspace – our commitment to you
As our customers' businesses, grow, change, and restructure we are able to support them by ensuring their workspace remains flexible and representative of their needs. By taking a holistic view of the building and its fixed features we are able to ensure an appropriate dynamic between rooms, space requirements and furniture systems.

König + Neurath has been evolving since 1925
From the outset we've been developing and cultivating long-term business relationships. Our customers have confidence in our office solutions because they know that as they grow we will be able to support them. No matter if customers' needs are domestic or international, König + Neurath's dedicated network of specialist partners are there to help.

On the way to market leadership
Our customers include small and medium-sized companies as well as many large, internationally active firms. For all of them long-term solutions and support are just as important as quick response times, but then that's our speciality – for every type of office environment. And with concepts and solutions to satisfy all requirements.

As manufacturers we are also networkers
We believe this provides more value for our customers – from development through production, delivery and final assembly, you receive everything from a single source. Working hand-in-hand with our specialist trade partners ensures that you receive the highest overall quality, from materials to consulting and service, and, even years after your initial purchase, you can still count on that service.

Environmental and social responsibility
For us, ecological, economical and social values are inextricably linked. An appreciation of these values and of our natural environment characterises our culture, both internally and with our customers.

High performance workspace – added value for our customers
König + Neurath creates working worlds with the objective of increasing spatial and work effectiveness. We are guided by the medium and long-term corporate objectives of our customers so that every development and solution is beneficial. Always.

Providing customised solutions – advancing from the second dimension to the third
No two customers' requirements are the same, which means we work closely with you to understand those details that will make your solution unique. Our business, especially the design, development and the production techniques we employ, is geared to support this customisation process.

We design effective environments for people
A person spends around 80,000 hours of his life in the office. That's a lot of time and that means that our solutions need to be effective. To achieve this we give a huge amount of consideration to factors such as: work processes, ergonomics, inspiration and also motivation through shapes and colours.

We're always in your vicinity with our partners
As an international office furniture manufacturer we work together with highly qualified specialist trade partners. They maintain those important lose links with our customers providing regular contact throughout all phases of a project. Always reachable, our partners accompany each project through to completion, and beyond. Working with competent partners that are in close proximity to you is not a luxury – it's an integral part of the König + Neurath philosophy.