In the year 1927, the very first ceramic tile wholesale distribution operation in Canada was established by Mr. John Capra under the name “Montreal Floor and Wall Tile”. This company was merged in the late 1950's with Olympia Tile, which was established in 1956. This set in motion an organization that would, in the 1960's and1970's, expand and establish branches in 11 major cities in Canada and open branches in many locations in the United States, to become an international leader in the ceramic tile industry. Olympia Tile acquired a number of distribution companies in various locations in the United States who are now leaders in their respective regions. In 1980 Olympia acquired Flextile Limited, a manufacturer of specialized cementitious products, adhesives and accessory installation products for the ceramic tile and stone industry. Flextile has the distinction of being the only Canadian-owned such manufacturer. At the same time, Olympia kept expanding its importation business which results today in our being the exclusive distributors for more than 75 foreign manufacturers on 5 continents, making us the largest importers of tile in Canada and a leading supplier in the United States.
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