PAIR is a Mexico City-based firm working on a comprehensive range of design disciplines, encompassing architecture, urbanism, product, and interior design, across various typologies. Founded by architects Paola Alencaster and Israel Ruiz, the office currently works on the development of diverse commercial and residential projects.

In response to the prevailing ideological revolution of our era, marked by heightened social and ecological awareness and the integration of advanced technologies into mass production and communication, there exists a demand for architecture that rises to meet these challenges. PAIR adeptly addresses this by developing projects that fulfill client requirements and exhibit a profound consideration for the environment and contextual necessities—the firm endeavors to create buildings and spaces that contribute meaningfully and coexist harmoniously within their surroundings.


Driven by the belief that architecture must confront contemporary issues and proactively envision a brighter future, PAIR aspires to effect positive change in its environment. A fusion of livability, functionality, sustainability, and bold geometry with an enduring aesthetic vision characterizes the projects produced by the office.

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