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Rezina® begins his story in 1980 in the family business in the field of special paints for furniture, industry, the body and the floors of both public and private.

In 1995 he undertook his first experiments on materials applicable in the field of civil decorative surfaces and in 2004 founded the reference brand Rezina ®.

And ‘the beginning of large-scale distribution of resins that is now possible to rely on a specialized team of installers and retailers.

Rezina ® justifies its growth from a deep experience in housing projects, on a variety of media and with a large variety of finishes: this has allowed the company to obtain a product with high and extreme ease of use.

The brand becomes Rezina ® for every craftsman the right product for the realization of its work and a precise reference for every professional to obtain high quality standards.

The application cycle Rezina ® is the fastest way to reach the best performance and the best results decorative techniques.

Thanks to this philosophy, the reality Rezina ® is continuing to consolidate its position in the time of resin surfaces.
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