Michele Nastasi


Architects from Largo Rio de Janeiro 7, Milano, Italy
Founded in 2006 by Raffaele and Giuliano Azzarelli Iamele , the study deals with architectural planning and design .
The study manages projects of different nature and scale , from the preliminary stage to the executive , working as a team with a number of consultants from various disciplines .
Particular attention is paid to the implementation phase ; the shipyard is faced as a laboratory in which the choice of materials and craftsmanship of the details become a defining moment for the successful completion of the project .
To date, projects have been developed and implementation of public and private buildings , schools , offices, residential and retail space .
Among the most important are: the kindergarten " The Garden of Monelli " , the restaurant " Ratan " ( selected for the exhibition " Italian interior - the architecture of taste " ) , the restaurant " Erba Brusca " and pavilion hospital in Melzo ( reported in the " review of Lombard Architecture Under 40 " ) .