Manufacturers from Ortono, Italy
Our company was founded out of a passion for contemporary interior design and the goal of making stylish contemporary designer furniture accessible to everyone. Based in Italy, our company started out designing and producing mirrors, later introducing sideboards, cabinets, console tables, dining tables, chairs and home accessories to create a comprehensive range of high quality designer furniture. Our unique approach to functionality and design reflects our core values and centers around sustainable manufacturing, affordable quality and responsible shopping choices.
Riflessi makes your dreams come true!
Standing our ground and not backing down when faced with a challenge, our company managed to conquer the market by offering a unique customer-oriented experience comprising outstanding service, a keen eye for detail and the unique ability to incorporate new concepts into our designs.
Riflessi creates modern home interiors for modern people by combining beauty, elegance, sophistication and functionality.

Our design team creates solutions for a variety of interiors, helping our customers express their unique style through their decor choices. Our company is deeply involved in every stage of the research, design and manufacturing process. Our expertise and knowledge will help guide you towards the right choices for your specific needs as well as ensuring your decor becomes a true reflection of your inner self.
The application of new technologies and design concepts to artisanal know-how leads to exquisite, traditionally manufactured furniture with a modern twist. We place great importance on custom solutions and encourage our clients to add their creative input when choosing furniture for their home or work environment.

Our company is committed to sustainability and the preservation of natural resources.
We strive to take care of the environment that surrounds and inspires us by selecting high quality materials such as honeycomb wood, glass and aluminum and using only water based lacquers for our finish coatings.
Aluminum is a 100% recyclable metal. It is used in the production of various components for our furnishings such as drawer and table slides, brackets and table bases. All our furniture hardware is produced in our own facilities, allowing for a high degree of recycling and reworking.