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As an artist and designer I engage in a wide range of fields and combine diverse disciplines. My work is layered, ranging from object making to the creation of spaces and environments. My work is motivated by the profound need to reformulate things. I create an aesthetic world around me, using design as an excuse. In fact, it is a channel through which I constitute a world for myself. Art is a type of longing, a never-ending attempt to reconstruct and revive, a yearning for an unattainable world. After spending several years abroad (in New York, London, and Africa) and having received a post-graduate diploma from London’s Chelsea College of Art and Design, I returned to Israel and launched a design studio in Tel Aviv. Childhood has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration. My daughter’s birth and the desire to design for her were a type of rebirth for me, in which I found my calling. I believe that the environment children grow up in is the soil on which their sensibilities develop, and that childhood should be celebrated! Over the years I have expanded my work to other areas of design, from intimate spaces to public projects. The studio specializes in design of pedagogical environments, interior design, custom made furniture for kids and grown ups, alike.
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