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The philosophy of Smart Design Studio (SDS) can be distilled into three simple words: excellence, innovation and collaboration. • Excellence stands for a quality of design and construction that is not about being average. • Innovation pushes us to move beyond our tried and tested designs and details to invent new ideas and embrace new technology. • Collaboration - with the whole project team including client, builder, specialist consultants and approval authority - is the method by which a great project is delivered. The success of Smart Design Studio relies on the combination of a strongly driven team environment and an innovative whole-of-design approach to all projects. From design concept to project delivery, Smart Design Studio undertakes a rigorous process to maximise the opportunities unique to each project and produce schemes that demonstrate design excellence and exceed client expectations. Our portfolio reflects this process - with experience in the design and/or construction of a number of iconic projects such as Starship Sydney Charter Cruise Vessel, White Rabbit Art Gallery and the Singapore National Art Gallery as well as a wide range of refined residential projects. Heritage projects such as the offices for the Seven Network in Sydney and the headquarters for the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) display the Studio’s aptitude of amalgamating the old with the new. All projects within the Smart Design Studio portfolio reflect the diversity of experience and proven project delivery at all stages. Smart Design Studio’s residential experience is broad and well publicised. From the multi-award winning development at 632 Bourke Street, to various private residential projects or residential developments such as Marine Apartments in Maroubra, Smart Design Studio has a definitive record in accepting often difficult design challenges and producing residential developments of exceptional quality and distinctive style.
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