Sopro Bauchemie GmbH
Sopro Bauchemie GmbH

Sopro Bauchemie GmbH

Manufacturers from P.O. Box 42 01 52, 65102 Wiesbaden, Germany

Sopro offers a comprehensive range of tile-fixing and building chemicals products. Our clear-cut brand strategy has established us as a leading specialist in this sector. Our flagship Sopro No.1 flexible adhesive, for example, is a name known and respected throughout the trade. The combination of many years' experience in the field of cement technology with our building chemicals know-how has proved a recipe for success. Double credentials that only Sopro can boast.

Impeccable product quality
Sopro's wide-ranging product portfolio, featuring a consistently high proportion of new products, addresses the full gamut of tiling and building chemicals applications while guaranteeing a product quality that complies, in all respects, with the strict standards set by professional applicators. These requirements include: straightforward application, maximum safety and durability plus conformity with technical regulations, safety at work provisions and ecological demands. A host of test certificates issued by recognized, independent institutes underline the impeccable quality of Sopro products.

Wholehearted commitment to specialist distributors
The builders' merchants sector represents the only acceptable marketing channel for the Sopro brand. Merchants are able to provide both professional tradesmen and the ambitious private client with the standard of counselling appropriate to our high-grade, technologically advanced products. Our clear-cut marketing strategy guarantees merchants the faithful and wholehearted collaboration with an innovative brand name.

Unbeatable cost-effectiveness
Sopro's ongoing investment in research and development yields rich rewards in the form of high-performance, trailblazing products. Indeed, Sopro's products and product systems are constantly setting new benchmarks in the tiling and building chemicals sector – with unique selling points that set them apart from the competition. Prime examples include the water-repellent Sopro Saphir® tile grout, the high-strength, heavy-duty SoproDur® HF tile grouts or the unique Soprodur® microcement void filler for eliminating voids in tile beds.

Ever at your side !
In addition to the specialist distributors, our external representatives also attend to the needs of the merchants' clients, i.e. the applicators. At the same time, our architectural and project counselling service provides architects and other designers with ongoing systematic support in matters of specification. Similarly, the advice offered by our applications counselling service to operatives on site – for instance, through particular application and product recommendations – often pays swift dividends. Our customer focus is additionally strengthened by an active, innovative marketing operation. You too can benefit from Sopro – the strong, performance-boosting brand.

Wide-ranging building chemicals portfolio
A comprehensive product palette enables Sopro to offer one-stop shopping for construction chemicals that serve a wide variety of tiling, landscaping and general building applications. This drastically simplifies the ordering process while granting significant logistical benefits.

Innovation as the motor of progress
The enormous innovative power that informs Sopro's top-quality, high-performance product range is its greatest asset, both for tradesmen and for ambitious private clients. A particularly remarkable feature of the portfolio is its high proportion of new products – a testament to our unstinting efforts to optimize tried-and-tested solutions, while developing new, forward-looking answers to a wide range of specific problems.

Unique selling points make the difference
A host of unique features, widely discussed in trade circles, lend Sopro's products their competitive edge. The SoproDur® HF tile grouts and Soprodur® microcement void filler are a case in point. Not to mention the pervious Sopro DM 610 drainage mortar, which offers reliable protection against frost damage and efflorescence on balconies, patios and outdoor stairways. Or the innovative, water-repellent Sopro Saphir® tile grout with external test certificate confirming the hydrophobic performance of Hydrodur® technology.