Timberwise Oy
Timberwise Oy

Timberwise Oy

Manufacturers from Juvantie 222 PL 99, Juvantie, Finland
Timberwise manufactures and sells the best wooden floors on the market.
(the best = the best technical solution, flawless technical quality and a stunning look)

Finnish Timberwise Oy manufactures wooden floors at its production plant in Loimaa for demanding customers in Finland and throughout Europe. The highly automated factory is situated in southwest Finland.

The Timberwise plank parquets are superior thanks to their excellent quality, highly durable cross-glued three-layer structure which ensures that the structure does not suffer from moisture-induced expansion/shrinkage. The surface layer is considerably thicker than on normal parquet and made of real wood whose natural warmth gives character and atmosphere to the space. It is durable, and the surface can, at a later stage, be re-sanded.

Timberwise’s values include maintaining customer satisfaction through high product quality and more flexible operation. Profitable operations are achieved through the combination of flexible service, good quality and customer satisfaction.

Timberwise’s advantage compared to larger production plants is its capability to provide deliveries flexibly as well as its specialization in a wide range of surface treatments. We have something for every taste.

Timberwise Oy
founded in 1999
principle shareholder Finnish Cartem Oy.
staff around 30
factory located in southwest Finland in Loimaa.
principle markets: Finland, Germany, Italy, the UK and Sweden
extensive distributor network