Manufacturers from Riemsterweg 300, Spouwen-Bilzen, Belgium
Vandersanden is a family company established in 1925 and sells worldwide handformed facing bricks, pavers and brick solutions by continuously maintaining and improving the production process. Based on a rich experience and knowledge in innovation Vandersanden Group profiles itself as the Belgian market leader in handformed facing bricks. Vandersanden Group offers facing bricks in different colours, shapes and textures to obtain a unique esthetic result for every project. The products are worldwide distributed in more than 30 countries. There is a continuous improvement and prevention of energy use. Vandersanden is positioning itself as a real force for sustainable development and demonstrating its active concern for the environment.

Creative with bricks. That’s the challenge which Vandersanden has chosen together with its strong professional and international partners. Since 1925 Vandersanden is known for its craftsmanship to create quality facing bricks, pavers and sustainable brick solutions. With an open vision and efficient investments innovative solutions are developed in order to meet the demands of the building professionals.

- Facing bricks
- Pavers
- Joint-free brickwork: ZERO
- Insulated brick solutions

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