Founded in 2018, Vives St-Laurent is an interior design studio specializing in residential and commercial projects. Their approach questions the junction between aesthetic and function.


The work of the team emphasizes quality through the creation of spaces that are straightforward, simple, and devoid of superfluous aspects. The studio focuses on the temporality of a project’s design, where lines are straight and geometrical, and where textures evoke what once was, as well as what’s to come.


Over time, Vives St-Laurent has increasingly specialized in the layout of corporate environments. This branch of activity is, for the studio, a chance to revisit and rethink the codes of office spaces.

Our Projects
Vives St-Laurent Offices
Vives St-Laurent
Bureau Montréal Mile End 5555 de Gaspé . Suite 314 H2T 2A3, Montréal, QC, Canada