Unbalanced house looks like a python curled

PANACOM as Architects

When this project began, seven years ago, the world was fascinated by neoclassical flirting with neo-baroque. We bet on the eternal geometry and won - says one of the authors of the "House of Piton" Arseny Leonovich. Unbalanced, from different sides of the house looks quite differently. In a certain angle (the view from the main facade) resembles a python curled. The entrance area flows into the double-height studio, takes place in the opposite direction and volume of completed master bedroom, which hangs over the entrance area. The unique architectural volume is dictated by the configuration of the site, which has a pentagonal shape. The basis of the design of reinforced concrete monolith. Rhythmic pattern curtain walls based on a combination of large areas of transparent solid glass and solid walls, trimmed with vertical boards and wild stone. On the underground floor there is a technical room and a large swimming pool. At the boundaries of the site are two small buildings. Office space and saving complex with a lounge and outdoor terrace, oriented to the pond nearby. Pond as seen from the windows of the second floor bedrooms. Ground communication duplicate subways linking together all the buildings. House plan with cutting corners, most diamond revealed the geometry as a core theme of the interior "House of Python." Its symbol and embodiment - a chimney fire, tightened like a stocking, with diamond-shaped mesh cells. Says Arseny Leonovich: "I think to sew metal, wood paneling, stone, but everything seemed banal, dull. I wanted energy and movement. " And the energy in the house has the edge. Plastic volumes, a bold mix of style interiors, a refined color palette with bright accents and a variety of patterns corresponds to the creative nature of the owners of the house, open to experiment. It is no accident in the house difficult to detect the typical things. Furnishing "Python" is not going through catalogs of famous brands, and in galleries and antique shops of European capitals. Some pieces of furniture, for example, L-shaped kitchen island, and lamps, Arseny Leonovich developed specifically for this project.

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