Restaurant Miil
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Restaurant Miil

monovolume architecture + design as Architects

Placed in Tscherms/Cermes, near Merano, The Kränzel mansion and winery brings together cuisine, art and culture in a unique way. The set of buildings of different ages includes the medieval farm, the Baroque mill and the labyrinth garden that hosts works of contemporary artists. The restaurant "Miil" is in the old mill, which is under protection by the Fine Arts. Here gastronomy, wine and culture come togethere in a high quality unique work. The restaurant impresses with its modern lines in an elegant atmosphere without loosing its more authentic roots, as well as its cuisine based on marriage between tradition and modernity. Renovation works have given particular attention to these balances and the expansion of the restaurant has been obtained by removing all the parts that were added to the original system over the years and expanding other areas with specific actions; in this way the architectural intervention remains in a second place to the conservative restoration.

The new kitchen is placed in the enlarged area designed with clean and simple lines, where the large windows mark the architectural character of the space. The new bar occupies the space previously used by the old kitchen, creating a connection between the interior space and the idyllic garden . The large counter in porphyry takes the customer from the entrance to the bar. The interior spaces extend over several levels provided with a translucent LED backlit black glass balustrade to create zones of privacy without losing the perception of the entire space.

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