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New building PRA Health Sciences Groningen

ArcelorMittal Construction come Produttori

PRA Health Sciences (PRA) is an organisation that conducts research into new medicines. The building is situated at a complex location right next to the Martini Hospital.

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LT Photography

The two buildings, the PRA Health Science centre and the Martini hospital, are connected by means of an air bridge.

The building houses clinics (approx. 3,000 m², 90 beds), laboratories (approx. 1,650 m²), a GMP pharmacy (approx. 350 m²) and offices (approx. 3,300 m²) for approximately 200 employees.

photo_credit LT Photography
LT Photography

Besides the various rooms, the building has an outdoor terrace and an inner garden.

Because fire resistance, air tightness and insulation play a very important role in this building, a choice was made for a construction from prefabricated concrete elements. The façade substructure was installed separately with insulation, after which the metal façade profiles were custom-mounted.

photo_credit LT Photography
LT Photography

The metal profiles were hand-made by ArcelorMittal Construction's Specials department in Tiel.

The horizontal profiles, outer shell of the building, consist of the two colors Ral 8000 (green/brown) and Ral 1024 (ochre/yellow). The vertical profiles have the colors 6115 (vanilla) and 6798 (grey tint) and are located on the inside around the inner garden.

photo_credit LT Photography
LT Photography

To give the façade an exceptional lifespan, a Hairexcel coating based on a 60mu polyurethane coating was chosen.


PRA International Client

Design Grunstra Architects

BAM Utiliteit bv, Groningen

Engineering & Installation Bijlbouw BV


System: custom-made profiles

Installation: vertical and horizontal including finishing pieces

Coating Hairexcel

Colours: 6115 / 6798 / 8000 / 1024

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