Archello Awards 2023 Longlist – Shopping Centre of the Year
Ronald Tilleman

Archello Awards 2023 Longlist – Shopping Centre of the Year

11 Oct 2023  •  Archello Awards  •  Archello

Archello Awards 2023 has revealed its longlist for Shopping Centre of the Year. The longlists celebrate the very best architecture projects and building products selected from over 1,000 entries for the very first edition of our awards program. The 8 projects listed here house retail stores and markets, eateries and lounge spaces, and have been constructed in 6 countries including Austria, Portugal, Spain and the UK.


34 new market boxes Waterlooplein Amsterdam
Atelier PUUUR
The new design of the Waterlooplein will ensure better cohesion with the surrounding area. The new high quality and open appearance improves the attractiveness and socio-economic aspects, such as public safety and imp...


Auchan Bayview
Located at the eastern entrance to Cascais, the guiding principle of this project was to integrate this new volumetry into its surroundings, significantly minimising the visual and environmental impact usually associa...


Estudio Acta
The greenhouses of western Almeria extend to almost touch the sea in the Port of Roquetas. To the east, Cabo de Gata serves as a backdrop to a rich landscape of boats that reminds us of the importance of the sea in th...


Nota Architects
FOODIE SOCIAL by XINTIANDI is an immersive food social platform by XINTIANDI GROUP, aming to provide more innovative and featured food and experience for young trendy consumers, and establish the most...


Fuhuali Jinan
CLOU Architects
Climbing Up to See Afar Across from Jinan’s famous lake, geometric volumes form a multi-level waterfront village, an animated commercial and social meeting point with a front-row view. Commanding a panor...


IKEA the good neighbour
querkraft architekten
Car-free + urban This building makes an important contribution to the future of a living and ecological city and also to the future of retailing – this is an urban IKEA with excellent c...


SuperHub Meerstad
De Zwarte Hond
De Zwarte Hond is proud to announce completion of the SuperHub in MeerstadInspired by the mission to better connect the burgeoning Groningen district, and to transform it into an interacti...


The Knightsbridge Estate
Fletcher Priest Architects
Fletcher Priest Architects celebrates heritage in mixed-use reimagination of historic Knightsbridge Estate Focused intervention celebrates the heritage and character of the area with new o...