52 Inch Single-Sided | Built-In Linear Vapor-Fire Fireplace

by CF + D | custom fireplace design
  • No combustible issues
  • No venting required
  • No emissions
  • No safety liabilities
  • 100% efficient



Product Name
52 Inch Single-Sided | Built-In Linear Vapor-Fire Fireplace
custom fireplace design team
CF + D | custom fireplace design

Product Type

Interior accessories
Other interior accessories

Product Specs

One sided

Paint Finish

Paint Finish
All fireplaces come in standard/factory black matte finish. Custom colors and patina finishes are available.


Fireplace Length
52 inches
Fireplace Height
39 inches
Fireplace Depth
15 ½ inches

Fuel Types

Fuel Types Available
Vapor-Fire (water)

Vapor-Fire options

Option 1
Plumbed-In to main source water line, ½“ reduced to ¼“ factory set connection.
Option 2
Removable 1L container for manual fill approx. 8-10 hour burn time.

Other specifications

Gauge of Steel
0.125 inches thick
Type of Steel
Hot rolled and cold rolled.
Electrical Requirements
120 Volt 15 Amp-GFCI. Switch power on wall.


Specification Layout Package - 52 Inch Single-Sided Buit-In Linear Vapor-Fire.pdf

The VITA Fireplaces 52 Inch Single-Sided | Built-In Linear Vapor-Fire model offers a contemporary design with a broad viewing area highlighting the augmented reality flame effect that the Vapor-Fire burner technology provides. The aesthetics and functionality of this unique concept with no venting requirements or heat concerns provide solutions for projects specifying linear built-in models, allowing for a multitude of wall finishing design possibilities, a designer’s dream come true. The 100% operating efficiency of our VITA Fireplaces models provides a green alternative for sustainable building requirements.


See our collection of models available in standard lengths from 36 Inch, 52 Inch, 72 Inch, and 96 Inch with custom options including paint/patina finishes, and electric heat option.


Custom built models are also available to meet project specification requirements.


Contact CF + D | custom fireplace design for our creative design solutions.


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