City Scape Bench

by Wishbone Site Furnishings
  • Materials such as Stacked rock, Stacked stone, Longboard (a faux-wood metal siding) or Decorative lumber that are already found throughout the building exterior can be applied and secured. Ideally this makes use of small amounts of discarded materials use
  • Where branding is desired, words or logos can also be incorporated into the pedestal opening (depending on the material choices). Some examples are etched tempered glass, CnC routered metal, or CnC routered plastic lumber.



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City Scape Bench
John Jansen
Wishbone Site Furnishings

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Street furniture
Street benches

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The intention of this series was specifically to create something modern and architectural – hence the name City Scape.

This bench has a very fluid look, and almost appears to be in motion or “on the move”. The cantilevered portion creates an interesting sense of balance as the wide seat extends out almost like a diving board. A partial back rest allows for more ways for the user to sit, and provides flexibility in terms of how to orient and install the bench in its environment. The pedestal section that supports the seating surface can be customized in several innovative ways. 

This area can be left as the standard metal plate, completely empty as a “breezeway”, or house any number of materials.

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