Natufia Smart Kitchen Garden

by Natufia
  • Award-winning design
  • Fully automated system
  • Vitamin content 400% higher than for produce bought in shops, no toxins or pesticides
  • Kitchen-to-table produce



Product Name
Natufia Smart Kitchen Garden
Saudi Arabia

Product Type

Kitchen elements
Kitchen appliances

Product Specs

Metal, Steel - Stainless

Smart Kitchen Garden

Smart Kitchen garden
Personal hydroponics unit


Natufia Kitchen Garden Tech Sheet (metric).pdf
Natufia Flyer 2020.pdf

A high end hydroponic kitchen that grows edible organic plants year-round using 'Nespresso-type' seed-pods in a fully automated eco-conscious environment. One unit can simultaneously grow 32 plants. Designed by Michelin chefs for chefs, for commercial, cross-functional and residential spaces. Combining easy functionality and elegance, the unit can be fully integrated, and fits in like an American fridge (water in/out, wifi & elec).

Other advantages include: 
▪︎ Minimal energy consumption thanks to LEDs that mirror natural light, using a specific spectrum for optimal growth
▪︎ Reduced water consumption (200 litres per month), far less (-95%) than traditional agriculture
▪︎ Standard appliance size that allows easy integration to kitchens 
▪︎ Vitamin content 400% higher than for produce bought in shops, no toxins or preservatives

International Awards:
▪︎ Innovation Award 2019 KBIS, Las Vegas USA
▪︎ Sustainable Design Award, 2019, American Society of Interior Designers, Santa Monica USA
▪︎ Innovation Award 2020 KBB, Birmingham, UK

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