Promisol S Hybrid

by ArcelorMittal Construction
  • fast installation
  • high insulation
  • freedom of facade



Product Name
Promisol S Hybrid
Promisol S Hybrid
ArcelorMittal Construction

Product Type

Facade systems
Continuous facade systems
Facade cladding
Metal cladding

Product Specs

Metal, Steel - Galvanized
Technical characteristics

Promisol S Hybrid
Load-bearing facade system


Raising the bar in building design
Promisol® S Hybrid is the new carrier solution that allows you to design freely and create beautiful, sustainable buildings that meet the highest standards. The ingenuity of this new system lies in the combined construction: the load-bearing sandwich panel with invisible fastening and total flexibility of facade finish, adapted colors, textures and
form. Both horizontal and vertical mounting is possible. Build something completely new with Promisol® S Hybrid while embracing today's sustainable design challenges.


Freedom to design
Promisol® S Hybrid gives you endless possibilities. With our insulating load-bearing panel at the heart of the system and your facade design, this all-in-one solution offers complete architectural freedom, so you can be as creative as you dare. We also offer a variety of geometries that are standard or custom to your design, allowing you to create your perfect facade.

Various profiles are available from our range, such as: traditional rolled profiles, plank profiles, cassette systems, perforated systems and various specials such as Isis (point profiles), Creneo (block profiles) and custom-made facade systems.


Providing an extremely sustainable solution was central to the development of Promisol® S Hybrid. The system offers a high thermal insulation value with excellent airtightness - essential features to ensure optimal energy efficiency of your buildings. Our basic material is steel, which is fully recyclable and partially reusable. Both our load-bearing panel and facade solutions are available with durable organic coatings and finishes, which combine UV and corrosion resistance, and are tested to the highest standards.


The perfect finish
Promisol® S Hybrid enables architects and designers to bring their projects to life
as they imagined it. We match your vision with our range of finishes, with our
custom colors and textures and profiles that enable you to create beautiful, high-performance
create buildings. Unleash your creativity with our wide range of pre-painted organic coatings, original colors and tailor-made shapes & patterns for special facade designs. Our full range of organic coatings offers you a multitude of colors with iridescent, pearlescent, metallic, matte or satin finishes, as well as patterns - all resistant to the toughest exposures. The perfect choice, the perfect finish, every time.


Our promise to you
To help you create your ideal design and build an efficient and high-performance building, our engineering and design team is always ready to support your project. Whether you use our complete system or part of it, we are happy to work with you to deliver optimal solutions - all backed by our "Smart Support" promise.


Smart Support
• Environmental assessment
• Technical and design support
• Tailor-made solutions
• Fast product and color sampling
• Project support


Information we need
• Your project location
• Orientation of sandwich panels
• Type of building
• Construction drawings
• Wind load
• Construction / type of facade


The detail you need
We support you with a full report consisting of:
• Description of all project components
• Installation guidelines for Omega profiles
• Installation guidelines for the visible facade, including mounting plan

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