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All about Metal Cladding

Certainly one of the most ideal building materials for exterior applications and facades, metal cladding systems and products are renowned for their functionality, relatively low cost and sleek visual appearance. Architects are known to select metal cladding systems particularly when a modern or an industrial look is desired.

Metal cladding is incredibly versatile in terms of the different looks and appearances that can be achieved. Metal cladding systems are available in a wide range of metal types. Some of the most popular metal types include stainless steel, zinc, bronze, copper and aluminium metal cladding.

Metal cladding can be painted in any colour and coated as desired to achieve different types of performance criteria before between transformed into a wide range of metal cladding products and forms. Some of these different types include metal sheets, profiles, cassettes, panels and standing seam metal configurations. The type of installation system used for fixing metal cladding to a building facade depends upon the type of metal cladding selected.

Metal mesh cladding is another category in this area, which along with perforated sheets and expanded metal mesh profiles create particularly beautiful and striking architectural results.

Another benefit of using metal cladding is its sustainability as a building material. Metals are of course known as being among the most durable and long lasting building materials for facades, walls, roofs and more. In addition to the long lifespan metal offers as a cladding type, metal cladding systems can be recycled at the end of their material lifespans.


Manufacturer Spotlight: Euramax Coated Products

An industry leading, Euramax Coated Products has been a manufacturer of metal cladding systems as well as supplier of coated metal types since 1969. Their coated metal cladding systems are available in a large number of different metal types and finishes, and well as colors and design styles.

Euramax Coated Products are specialists in color. The costs associated with specially treated, colored and coated metal is only a small part of the total project costs but the benefits are endless and can achieve extremely impressive aesthetic results. Euramax Coated Products have had their metal products specified on a number of today’s leading architectural projects. Most recently, their metal cladding solutions were used on the Ferrari World Project, which is located in the United Arab Emirates.

With a widely known reputation for excellence and an expansive network of worldwide partners and partner manufacturers, Euramax Coated Products can achieve all types of metal cladding solutions. Another benefit of collaborating with Euramax Coated Products is their experienced team of design consultants who can offer support and advice on the colour, design and the installation of your desired metal cladding solution.

Euramax Coated Products are energy-efficient in terms of their performance as sustainable materials. In addition to offering excellent durability and resistance to corrosion, rust and weather conditions, these metal cladding systems and products can be nearly 100% recycled.

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