RB73 Firewood storage Bruges

by rb73
  • Nice way to stack your firewood
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Long lifespan
  • Design meets functionality



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RB73 Firewood storage Bruges
Jan Kuppers

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Outdoor Furniture
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Outdoor fireplaces and Outdoor heaters

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Double sided


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Also looking for a stylish way to stack your firewood…..

RB73 introduces a special wood storage 'Bruges' made of 3mm CorTen steel.

All too often firewood is piled up in the backyard, preferably out of sight behind a hedge or under a makeshift roof. This while stacked wood can give a very nice picture in the garden. From this basic idea, the Belgian designer Jan Kuppers developed 'Bruges', a storage space from CorTen steel where the natural beauty of stacked wood is combined with the rusted steel in a natural green setting. 'Bruges' took the form of the typical known Belgian façade construction. The design is built up of different modules so that it can be expanded to everyone's individual needs.

When designing sustainability, a simple production and quick assembly were central to the design. The basic package consists of 11 laser cut parts, which can be transported as a flat pack. The parts are easy and quick to assemble; the roof is put into shape with a few bolts, the houses themselves get the necessary stability by sliding them together with connecting pieces, for which simple slots are provided in the sheet material. The choice of the raw steel ensures that no complex finishing operations are required. The dimensions are tailored to the standard size of metal plates, to create a minimum of waste. The no-nonsense form of the design flowed from the possibilities of the material and the technique.

'Bruges' is therefore more than just a functional solution for storing firewood.

It is a stylish, durable and well thought-out outdoor furniture that can be given a prominent and visible place in your garden!


Technical information

Material                  - 3mm CorTen steel

Base                          - 3 modules + spacer

Volume                    - 3.5 cubes wood

Dimensions           - 380 x 74 x 186 cm (lxwxh)

Simple assembly

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