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All about Carpets


A carpet is an artificial flooring material that is covered by a pile which is attached to a more durable backing below it. A carpet can be used to cover the floor of an entire house. The pile that makes the upper portion of the carpet is a combination of upright loops or strands of yarn or it can be made from various synthetic materials like nylon and polypropylene, amongst others. Now with improvements in technology, carpets have an improvised version, the carpet tile. A carpet tile doesn’t come in broad loom rolls but it comes in tile form, with the other features being exactly same as the normal carpets.

There are several benefits to using a carpet tile. First and foremost, these are easy to install. Consumers just need an adhesive to stick it on to the floor and it’s ready to be used. Secondly, these tiles are built from synthetic materials, which make them more durable than natural fibre carpets. Carpet tiles come in a huge range of colour options and can be cleaned using a vacuum.

There are two types of carpet tiles found in the market. Cushion-backed and hard backed. Cushion backed carpet tiles are backed by cushions, which makes these more resistant to wear and tear. The cushions absorb some of the pressure that the foot exerts onto the tiles and protects the carpet fibres. These usually last longer and provide better sound absorption as well as improved underfoot comfort. Hard-backed carpet tiles suffer from wear and tear frequently. These have a shorter life span and their appearance deteriorates quite quickly. They can be used for places that have limited footfall so as to improve longevity. The biggest advantage of carpet tiles is that when damaged, users can replace a single tile or a block of tile without disturbing the other tiles, making them highly cost efficient.

Blotting spills is suggested rather than rubbing tiles. If solid food has been spilled, just pick up the tiles affected and wash these until these are clean. Let the carpet tiles dry completely before placing these back and always use mild acid to clean the tiles. Carpet tiles are generally known for adding aesthetic values to any place and are inexpensive with plethora of options in terms of colours, shapes, design patterns and backing types. These can be designed to suite any room type and will add to the look of a room.

Company Spotlight : Interface

Interface, founded in 1973, is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is the world’s largest manufacturer of modular tiles. It was the first ever company to receive Environmentally Preferable Product certification for its products. This company was also first to introduce a Climate Neutral Product offering through its ‘cool carpet’ program. Interface offers a wide range of carpet tiles that can be used to decorate vivid styles of interiors in personal and commercial spaces. It offers a range of 75 products that include Carpet Tiles and Luxury Vinyl Tiles.