Ceramic roof tiles


All about Ceramic Roof Tiles

Ceramic roof tiles also known as clay roof tiles are a perfect option for low slope and pitched roofs. These types of roof tiles are also widely used as a design element for a wide range of applications including facades. Available in numerous profiles and styles, ceramic tiles can match any architectural style with ease.

Clay or ceramic roof tiles feature several different colors ranging from light shades to multicolored or dark shades, making the coordination of roof with exterior colors extremely easy. Increased value for a building is a popular benefit of clay roof tiles. Buildings equipped with this type of roof sell faster and better compared to buildings with other roofing solutions.

Highly durable, ceramic roof tiles have the lowest life cycle cost and they stand the test of time more than any other roofing material. Excellent fire resistance properties make clay roof tiles a very popular choice. Harsh and hostile weather conditions do not cause any considerable threat to ceramic tiles because their water-shedding outer shell provides an extra layer of protection.

Ceramic tile is highly recommended as a roofing solution also due to its sustainability credentials. Highly environmentally friendly, clay tiles are not made using any chemical preservatives and are entirely renewable as a material. Another salient feature of clay roof tiles is that their reflectivity and heat transfer is curtailed up to 70% compared to other roofing materials.

Ceramic roof solutions are equipped with natural air ventilation under the tiles, leading to the formation of a heat transfer barrier that will promote natural airflow inside a building. High energy efficiency also brings down heating expenses significantly. Other added benefits of ceramic roof tiles are ease of installation, easy maintenance, fast water runoff, distinctive look and unique feel as well.         

Manufacturer Spotlight: Wienerberger

Wienerberger is a roof tile manufacturer with a great tradition dating back to 1819. Their building material products are available in several different colors and formats, as well as designs and prices. The roof tile segment of this manufacturer is highly renowned for its distinct quality and innovation.

Wienerberger clay roof tiles can safeguard buildings and their facades from hostile weather conditions for many years. Naturally beautiful, these ceramic roof tiles are definitely one of the most environmentally friendly roofing solutions available today. Their longevity easily exceeds 100 years with minimal maintenance and high UV resistance features.

Installation process of these clay roof tiles does not involve any complexity. As a design element for diverse applications, Wienerberger roof tiles open up tremendous possibilities for architects and interior designers. This manufacturer has managed to develop a great variety of formats, colors and shapes to help architects fulfill their creative vision in modern construction.


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