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Clay building blocks

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All About Clay Building Blocks

There is a traditional saying that ‘Old is gold’ because many older trends have been seen coming back in fashion time and again. The art of massive scale engineering and architectural structuring during ancient times used a particular product that is once again in rave demand in the modern world. Clay Building blocks are an invention of the ancient world that have been implemented into modern designs time and again. The immense popularity of these blocks lay in its ability and purpose of usage for multitudes of factors.

The exterior walls of any structure are the most critical section. It not only gives a final finish to the design but also protects the inner sanctum from external elemental damages. One of the most preferred choices for making walls and partitions in any building is Clay Building Blocks.

Clay Building blocks are easy to make, and hence these are one of the most cost-effective products used in the construction work. Suitable quality clays are mixed with water and molded into a specific shape to dry. Once the blocks are slightly dry and able to hold the form, they are placed in kilns and baked at extremely high temperatures. This hardens the clay and makes it durable and robust enough to withstand breakage and load. Additionally, these are biodegradable and leave no carbon footprint, thus making these one of the most environmentally friendly choices for any constructions. Besides the environmental factors, Clay Building Blocks have numerous positive aspects that make these an irreplaceable choice as a suitable building material.

Clay Building blocks are known to be able to withstand massive amounts of load and weather elements. These blocks do not wear down quickly and have been noted to stand tall even hundreds of years later. Since these require bare minimal effort to maintain, these do not also cost much in the form of maintenance.

From a scientific point of view, the clay blocks are resistant to fire and earthquakes also. Aside from that, these bricks are excellent temperature insulators. These help in maintaining the optimal humidity and temperature within the structure all year round. Clay is an outstanding soundproofing agent. As a result of which the clay blocks minimize the sound exchange between the exterior and interior of the building.

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