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All about Decorative Wall Cladding

Decorative wall cladding has come a long way in the last 10 to 15 years. Modern wall covering solutions offer many benefits including low maintenance, excellent durability, high-tech materials and easy installation. Interior wall cladding products are available in different materials, colors and characteristics along with endless finishing options to choose from.

Wood is the most conventional material utilized for decorative wall panels. However, it is not the only cladding panel material available today Further to wood, concrete and cement, fabric, leather, acrylic glass, plastic, stone and metal options are possibilities.

Modern wall cladding designs are more innovative, appealing and functional compared to the darker wood options popular in the 1970s. The characteristics are rich and varied with options like 3D, translucent, curved, rigid, transparent, prefab, modular and many more. Diverse design choices help building inhabitants introduce a high-end or natural design aesthetic into a space in an affordable way.

Decorative wall cladding is also highly favored as an interior cladding solution because of its better durability and minimal upkeep. Cladding panels typically enjoys long lifespan with minimal maintenance. Durability features have many implications including safeguarding walls from wear and tear and protecting the most important structural components longer.

A vital aspect of these types of cladding is that they do not attract indentations, marks and scratches so that inhabitants don’t have to worry about frequent touch-ups and wall repairs. Impact resistance is another quality that needs special appreciation. 

The installation process of decorative cladding panels is simple. Exposed adhesive, grout lines or remnants of installation do not become a source of concern with this wall covering option. Modern wall cladding solutions feature a clip and rail system or tongue and groove system, which makes installation straight forward.

Manufacturer Spotlight : ALPI Spa

ALPI Spa is trendsetting manufacturer in the decorative wall cladding industry. Their wooden wall cladding products are available in different designs, styles and finishes with clear focus on technological innovation and customization. Every ALPI wood is sourced from certified sustainable forests to make dynamic, durable and environment friendly wall covering solutions.

Conveying different tactile and visual sensations, ALPI decorative wall panels reveal the natural appeal of wood. Soft and natural effects in terms of touch and image makes ALPI products immensely popular. Energy efficiency is another remarkable quality of their decorative panels. Offering aesthetic freedom, APLI wall cladding blends the practicality of prefinished wood with qualities of uniqueness and customization.   

ALPI have had their cladding panels specified on several leading architectural projects due to excellent functionality, aesthetic appeal and versatility. Resistance to corrosion is an added benefit along with optimal protection against wear and tear, water, fire and bacteria.

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