25 best interior wood wall cladding manufacturers
Tess Kelly for Austin Maynard Architects

25 best interior wood wall cladding manufacturers

1 Jul 2024  •  Specification  •  By Samira Ahsan

Interior wood wall cladding is more than just a visual element; it also acts as a protective shield in busy spaces area, preserving walls from everyday wear and tear. Unlike traditional finishes like paint or wallpaper, wood cladding requires minimal cleaning to maintain its appearance, thereby saving on maintenance costs. In addition, the extra layer provided by wood cladding enhances thermal insulation, contributing to better temperature control. 

Moreover, sound-absorbing acoustic panels can be integrated into the cladding system, addressing noise concerns in offices, classrooms, or any space that needs improved acoustics. These panels come in various finishes, maintaining visual appeal while offering practical functionality. Here are 25 of Archello’s most popular wood wall cladding manufacturers, as recommended by architects and designers, featured in Archello's 25 best manufacturers series.


1. Surfacing Solution, United States

photo_credit Surfacing Solution
Surfacing Solution

Surfacing Solution manufactures a complete line of flexible wood tambour panels and wood mosaic tiles. It caters to architects, interior designers, cabinet makers, and millworkers, working on commercial and high-end residential applications. Solid Wood Tambour by Surfacing Solution is a versatile and visually appealing decorative surfacing material that offers flexibility for designing curves and angles. It is a grooved decorative surfacing material available in solid wood, real wood veneers, and metals.


2. Gustafs Scandinavia AB, Sweden

photo_credit Erik Wik
Erik Wik

Gustafs is a leading manufacturer of exclusive wooden interiors for public environments, boasting over 100 years of experience. It prioritizes quality, appearance, performance, acoustics, and fire safety in all its products. Gustafs offers two main product groups: the Gustafs Panel System and the Gustafs Linear System. It provides both standard solutions and customized interiors to meet client specifications. Veneered natural wood cladding panels for walls and ceilings by Gustafs Scandinavia AB is a challenge involving craftsmanship and experience. Most of Gustafs products are based on a fiber gypsum board which has very good properties regarding both fire safety and acoustics. This acoustic wood panel is less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity which in turn maintains the panels’ linearity over time. This unique combination contributes to a wall cladding panel suited for applications not only in large areas but also in a wide variety of demanding situations.


3. Plexwood, Netherlands

photo_credit Patrik Argast
Patrik Argast

Plexwood produces a sustainable and strong interior wood material, composed of veneers of end grain wood and wood with the grain, glued crosswise. It partners with architects and designers, offering semi-finished products that can be customized with preferred finishes, fire retardancy, or damp proofing. Plexwood one-sided interior wood cladding panels is an innovative interior design veneer, composed of end grain wood and grain veneers, giving the product a clear linear structure. In production, there is no use of formaldehyde-based glue or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as sustainability is a core focus. It utilizes FSC-certified wood and avoids formaldehyde-based glues and VOCs. By using natural materials and minimizing waste, Plexwood creates a product that's both beautiful and environmentally responsible. 


4. Porta, Australia

photo_credit Tess Kelly
Tess Kelly

Porta has been a leader in the Australian timber industry for over 90 years, guided by the visionary leadership of John Pizzey and sustained through five generations of family dedication. It specializes in high-quality timber products for the home improvement, building, trade, and commercial sectors, combining unmatched craftsmanship with modern innovation to meet the industry's evolving needs. Porta Contours sustainable and responsibly sourced wood cladding panels are inspired by the contours of the Australian landscape. The products add natural warmth, tactile interest, and movement to any space. Sustainable and responsibly sourced, Porta Contours timber lining boards are ideal for enhancing new or existing interior spaces. Fast and easy to install by one person, these can be fixed directly onto prepared plasterboard, timber, steel, brick, or masonry wall surfaces.


5. Maxiply, Australia

photo_credit Dianna Snape
Dianna Snape

From its Melbourne base, Maxiply supplies Australia with premium-grade plywood products for use in the architectural and high-end joinery industries. For over thiry years, it has pioneered the industry with its extensive product range that exemplifies premium-grade, superior quality. The company works with architects and designers to create compliant, sustainable, and versatile wall and ceiling designs using ply. Maxi Panel pre-finished plywood cladding is a versatile and durable plywood panel available in eighteen pre-finished colors. This product is a popular choice due to its versatility, beauty, and longevity. It is delivered ready to install and is available in a wide range of timbers and finishes. Maxi Panel is known for bringing interiors to life, and it has been favored by architects and designers for adding texture, warmth, and color to their projects. 




CARPENTIER HARDWOOD SOLUTIONS focuses on innovation and sustainability to offer a wide range of timber solutions for interior and exterior applications. Its product line includes wood paneling, decking, cladding, and structural timber, all sourced from certified, renewable forests. CARPENTIER’s unique QuickClip® profiles with Grad® mounting systems ensure easy, seamless installation. Committed to circular economy principles, it provides fully reusable and recyclable wood products. Environmentally responsible wood paneling with advanced fixation systems by CARPENTIER HARDWOOD SOLUTIONS brings warmth and charm to any space, enhancing various interior decor styles while also ensuring good acoustics. 


7. Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH, Germany

photo_credit Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH
Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH

Pollmeier is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hardwood products, specializing in sustainable beech wood solutions. With a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, it offers a wide range of products, including lumber, plywood, and veneer, all sourced from sustainably managed forests. Pollmeier utilizes advanced technology and precision engineering to produce durable and aesthetically pleasing wood materials for furniture, construction, and interior design applications. BauBuche Panel high-performance beech wood cladding by Pollmeier Leimholz GmbH has a compressive strength like concrete C50/60. In the BauBuche Panel, the veneer layers are vertical to the panel surface. This material is extremely durable and easy to clean, which makes it particularly suitable for table tops, desks, ceiling and wall paneling, stars, and elegant timber floors. BauBuche panels can be machined like solid hardwood or hardwood boards



photo_credit LAUDESCHER

Laudescher specializes in the design and production of high-quality wooden cladding and acoustic panels. Established with a passion for wood craftsmanship and a commitment to innovation, Laudescher has built a reputation for excellence in the building and design industries. LINEA 3D crafted wood cladding panels is a sophisticated solution that brings a unique combination of aesthetic appeal and functional performance to interior spaces. This innovative product is designed to enhance the visual and acoustic qualities of various environments, making it a preferred choice for architects and interior designers seeking to create dynamic and engaging spaces.


9. Decustik, Spain

photo_credit Jonathan Soler
Jonathan Soler

Decustik is a company specializing in acoustic and decorative interior design solutions since 1982. Decustik designs and manufactures acoustic and decorative panels for walls, ceilings, and furniture for auditoriums, theatres, restaurants, hotels, and all interior projects with specific technical and design requirements. It further offers a variety of customizable wood panels and works with clients to create solutions that meet their specific project requirements. D+ System Grooved acoustic panels with effective sound absorption are supplied in the form of modular slats with special sound absorption characteristics, offering excellent installation results. The D+ System features grooved slat panels with excellent acoustic properties and an attractive, modern design, suitable for both walls and ceilings.  


10. Specialised Panel Products, UK

photo_credit Specialised Panel Products
Specialised Panel Products

Specialized Panel Products (SPP) is a leading commercial supplier of a vast array of plywood and timbers, catering to both large-scale industrial projects and bespoke needs. Presently, SPP has become a trusted partner for architects, builders, and designers across the region. SPP Decorative European Pine Plywood panels by Specialised Panel Products have a wild grain pattern, perfect for adding a touch of nature's intrigue to any interior project.  Manufactured with a carefully constructed core of European pine and high-grade rotary cut faces, these panels are visually impressive and structurally sound.  The products have an occasional presence of small knots and plugs, adding a natural touch that complements both furniture and decorative wall-lining applications.


11. Max Q Holzmarketing GmbH, Germany

photo_credit Max Q Holzmarketing GmbH
Max Q Holzmarketing GmbH

Max Q Holzmarketing GmbH is a mid-sized company specializing in micro-perforations. It prioritizes providing solution-oriented, high-quality advice with exceptional speed. Importantly, its micro-perforated surfaces preserve the original aesthetics of the material. These innovative products offer both planning freedom for designers and the ability to meet demanding acoustic requirements. Tandem Acoustics® micro-perforated panels with acoustic capabilities by Max Q Holzmarketing GmbH a micro-perforated and acoustically effective element for interior design. Its innovative design effectively absorbs broadband sound, creating a calmer and more comfortable acoustic environment.  This makes Tandem Acoustics® ideal for a variety of sophisticated spaces including offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, auditoriums, educational facilities


12. SUN WOOD by Stainer, Austria

photo_credit SUN WOOD by Stainer
SUN WOOD by Stainer

SUN WOOD crafts wood reproductions, capturing the essence of exotic hardwoods, rare finds, and the character of reclaimed wood – all without harming a single tree. Using 3D scans of real wood, it captures intricate details and natural variations, translating them into beautiful, high-resolution wood decors. Unlike reclaimed wood, which is limited in quantity and quality, SUN WOOD offers endless possibilities. SUN WOOD three-layer panels with textured wooden finish offer a unique combination of aesthetics and practicality.  A special finishing process creates a textured surface, ideal for those seeking a distinctive look in their projects.  These versatile panels are available in a variety of designs, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including walls, ceilings, and commercial spaces.


13. Lunawood, Finland

photo_credit  Joan Torres
Joan Torres

Lunawood enables innovative and long-lasting use of wood in all decorative surfaces. It modifies the best certified Scandinavian timber into ThermoWood® products in the mills in the heart of Finland. Grown and strengthened nearly 80 years in the harsh climate of the Nordic region, the renewable forest provides the best raw material that will last for decades. Crafted in Finland without chemicals, Lunawood 3D ThermoWood® cladding is a long-lasting and environmentally conscious choice for building exteriors, offering durability and sustainability. This thermally modified cladding withstands demanding weather conditions, ensuring a long service life with minimal maintenance. It’s a suitable option for architects and builders looking to enhance exteriors with wood cladding that is both attractive and respectful of the environment. 


14. Thermory, Estonia

photo_credit Thermory

As a leading force in wood modification, Thermory brings together a diverse range of companies and their brands. It offers a comprehensive selection of thermally modified wood products for both indoor and outdoor applications, including durable decking, cladding, wall paneling, and flooring. Additionally, its expertise extends to industrially painted wooden products and ready-made saunas, solidifying its position at the forefront of the sauna and spa industry. Thermory Wave interior wood cladding with ridged surfaces is an interior cladding profile that makes a bold impact in any space with its attractive ridged surface. 


15. FINSA, Spain

photo_credit FINSA

Founded in 1931, FINSA has grown from a small sawmill to a major manufacturer of a wide variety of wood products. In recent years, it has invested heavily in modernizing its facilities and developing new value-added products. Today, it is a leading international player in the wood sector. Fibracolour decorative wood fiber cladding panels by FINSA are composed of decorative wood fiber which is colored throughout its mass. The product is based on non-toxic water-based pigments with low formaldehyde emissions. The color is precise even over the entire surface of the plate and is resistant to natural and artificial light.


16. FIBANDCO, France

photo_credit FIBANDCO

FIBANDCO is a company dedicated to creating sustainable alternatives to wood products. Founded in the French Caribbean, it identified banana fiber as a readily available and renewable resource.  This focus comes in response to the ongoing loss of forest land, while banana plantations offer a year-round source of raw material. It developed a unique technology to transform discarded banana stems, a byproduct of yearly harvests, into a responsible and sustainable natural veneer called Green Blade®.  Green Blade® multi-surface acoustic wood cladding panels by FIBANDCO is a raw, ready-to-use veneer crafted from sliced, recycled banana "trunks." It features both horizontal and vertical grain patterns and comes in large panels without splices. Walls, furniture, ceilings, acoustic solutions, doors, lighting, design objects, packaging, automotive, and more following the creativity of designers and architects.


17. FORM AT WOOD, Poland

photo_credit Mateusz Halek
Mateusz Halek

FORM AT WOOD has a long history of working with wood and is passionate about using this natural material in new and exciting ways. Its products are designed to be both stylish and functional, stimulating the senses and adding warmth to any interior space. Its 3D wood cladding panels in pyramid forms inspired by nature product is one of a kind. The Pyramid model is a wooden panel with an equilateral triangle profile. It features a 3D geometric form created by three planes refracted at different angles, forming an asymmetrical pyramid.  The original design, with its solid edges highlighted on the front panel, perfectly complements modern, minimalist spaces.  The lack of symmetry allows for decorations with Pyramid panels to personalize the interior and create a dynamic atmosphere. 


18. Lualdi, Italy

photo_credit  Lualdi

Lualdi, founded in 1859 as an artisan joinery, is a historic Italian design company specializing in interior doors, bespoke furniture, and contract work. Today, Lualdi partners with the world's leading architects, showcasing their work in showrooms across Milan, New York, and Miami. Its commitment to environmental protection is reflected in the sustainable use of materials and resources, earning them FSC® certification.  Sophisticated and technological use of materials, Matrix decorative and dynamic wood cladding by Lualdi is a new finish created by combining three different carvings. The purity of solid wood is enhanced by the graphic play of lines and shades created by unique patterns. Matrix brings dynamism to products that become flexible and innovative architectural elements with great decorative emphasis.


19. Tragni, Italy

photo_credit TRAGNI

Tragni is a leader in the distribution of materials and semi-finished products in the wood-furniture sector dedicated to the world of interior design, designers, artisans, and industries. Tragni has always selected products and services to offer to the world of interior design. It is an official distributor of important brands in the sector. Its THREE WOOD SLIM cladding panels with minimal thickness are a three-layer panel in solid wood, made by overlapping natural walnut wood with an internal layer of birch, for a total thickness of 12 mm. THREE WOOD SLIM is, moreover, a material that lends itself very well to processing surfaces and is capable of enhancing any interior element: from furniture such as cabinets, bookcases, and shelving, to small furniture accessories such as drawer dividers.


20. THE OAK FACTORY, Austria

photo_credit THE OAK FACTORY

The Oak Factory by the Meyer family has a rich heritage in hardwood processing dating back to 1890. Wood wall cladding made from distressed oak by THE OAK FACTORY, made of solid oak crafted from 20mm thick planks 20 mm oak provides a natural appearance to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The product also acts as a sound dampener, significantly reducing noise for a more peaceful living space.


21. MOKO Interior, Hungary

photo_credit MOKO Interior
MOKO Interior

MOKO redefines wallcoverings as sculptural art, crafting hand-built, multi-layered wooden panels that transform walls into vertical masterpieces.  MATRA cross-laminated wood cladding panels with double-curved surfaces by MOKO Interior are designed by Zsolt Karajz. The panel sizes can be adjusted during production, and a wider range of finishes, surfaces, and veneer types are available upon request. Additionally, the natural veneer can be stained in various colors for a truly personalized touch. 


22. Art For Everyday Inc., Italy

photo_credit  Art For Everyday Inc.
Art For Everyday Inc.

Art For Everyday Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of architectural woodcarving that creates high-quality, timeless woodcarvings, providing innovative design details to designers, architects, and cabinetry companies.  Carvings are made from solid wood blocks giving every final piece not only an aesthetic advantage for color matching but a structural advantage as well. An expanded collection of Solid Wood Texture Panels is being introduced by Art For Everyday Inc., now featuring 20 breathtaking designs. Crafted from solid wood, these panels are available in sizes ranging from 4" x 4" to 48" x 96", eliminating the need for trimming. Each panel is fully customizable and grooved on the back to prevent warping, ensuring durability and longevity. As a stylish alternative to traditional wallpaper or wainscoting, warmth, and depth are added by our textured panels, creating a rich, layered effect that enhances the beauty of surrounding elements.


23. WOOD-SKIN, Canada


Founded in Milan in 2013, it combines digital manufacturing technologies with traditional components through patented practices. The computational design department - a team of architects, designers, and engineers - can visualize the transformative power of the WOOD-SKIN surface and substantiate it into complex ad-hoc projects.  Fold Panels 3D customizable decorative wood cladding by WOOD-SKIN are 3D boards featuring compelling geometries within square or rectangular modules. They are uniquely designed to transform spaces with colors and configurations that align with the architect’s vision. A robust frame supports the panels, making installation on walls and ceilings easy.


24. dukta, Switzerland

photo_credit FRANS GOMMANS

dukta is a Swiss manufacturer renowned for its innovative building products, including the acclaimed Foli flexible interior wood cladding panels. Combining Swiss precision with sustainable practices, dukta crafts versatile and visually striking solutions for contemporary architecture. The panels are celebrated for their flexibility, durability, and unique aesthetic appeal, making them ideal for enhancing interior designs.


25. Mikodam, USA

photo_credit Mikodam

Mikodam is an American manufacturer of high-quality building products, including Kosa interior wood cladding panels. The Kosa panels are designed for durability and versatility, offering various textures and patterns suitable for different interior applications. Manufactured with precision, these panels meet stringent quality standards and provide reliable performance.