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As we all know, the backbone of the body holds the body together. Similarly, window frames hold the window structure together. Comprising three parts - head, jamb and sill, window frames act as an enclosure to keep the structure and patterns of the window frame in place. The head is the top horizontal part of the window, the jambs are the two vertical parts of the window frame and the sill is the bottom horizontal portion of the window frame. Combining strength and flexibility in varied degrees, window frames are an inseparable part of the window manufacturing and design processes.

Window frames do not merely provide structural support to the window but also offer a wide array of benefits. Window frames help for example with thermal insulation. They are also undoubtedly a great selection if selective passage of light is desired inside the interiors. Window frame also act as a safeguard by providing thermal insulation. They assist in blessing windows with a longer lifespan, locking in moisture and acting as a moisture barrier. In addition to including safety features, window frames can add elegance and improve the aesthetic value of surroundings.

Based on the material used to construct the frame, window frame is mainly of five types- metal, wood, vinyl, fiberglass and composite. Metal frames and wood frames are most popular among these. Metal frames are strong, light and nearly maintenance free but the only problem with a metal frame is that these are a poor insulator of heat. On the other hand, wooden frames are the best insulator of heat and perhaps the most beautiful of all types. Furthermore, wood frames have a warm appearance and last for years - but require frequent maintenance.

Composite window frames are made amalgamation of plastic and wood and are more durable than wood. Meanwhile, vinyl frames are made of PVC and fiberglass frames are made of fiberglass. They both offer same stability and insulation as offered by wooden window frames. Depending on the type of the material used, window frames require different levels of maintenance work. The wooden frame requires the most of the maintenance. It needs treatment for insects, termites, molds and mildew. Timely staining, painting and oiling works are necessary for the long life of window frames. However, aluminium or metal frames are nearly maintenance free. These do not require any maintenance work apart from cleaning. Same is the case with rest of the frames as these need to be cleaned timely using dishwashing liquid solution.

Spotlight Company: Alumil S. A

Alumil S. A is a well-established manufacturer and supplier of delicate, exquisite and vivid window frames belonging to the Kilkis Industrial Area in Greece. With a rich history of creating picturesque and artistic window frames, Alumil S. A knows how to create frames that stand the test of time. Undoubtedly delivering perfection through its plethora of products, Alumil S. A is a name that comes to mind when someone is looking to specify exquisite and budget friendly window frames. 

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