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Laminates and veneers (179)

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All about Laminates and Veneers

Interior designers make use of laminates and veneers extensively nowadays. Previously, the use of these products was restricted to decorate surfaces in counters and table tops. Today, veneers and laminates have a better functional presence in residential, office and commercial buildings interiors.   

The term veneer refers to thin slices of treated woods sourced from different types of trees. A categorization is made according to the way veneers are cut, namely rotary-cut or sliced veneers. Laminates refer to engineered materials made using wood, plastic resin or paper. The manufacturing process decides the categorization of laminates. There are low pressure laminates, compact laminates and high pressure laminates.        

Market now offers laminates and veneers in a wide variety of shades and colors that allow building owners to select based on the ambience they want to create. There are products that offer different looks such as wood, stone, metal and concrete. Brushed finish, waxed edges, colored finish, hand scraped and the availability in a host of other finishes and textures makes them perfect materials for interior decoration.

In addition to being highly functional and appealing, cost savings play an important role in making veneers and high pressure laminates a popular choice for decorating top surface walls, tabletops and kitchen tops. Faster installation time, together with versatility and flexibility make them an ideal option.     

Highly environment-friendly, laminates and veneers are biodegradable and renewable. Choosing these wall covering options is not a tough task because can be incorporated easily into any design scheme. When it comes to maintenance, minimal effort is needed as compared to solid wood.

With a paradigm shift observed in modern interior decoration concepts, functional interiors are gaining in popularity. Ornate details without functional benefits are no longer desirable to most people. These aspects make laminates and veneers highly preferred interior wall paneling and sideboard decorating options.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Decospan

Decospan offers innovative, durable and trendsetting wood veneer solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of an interior space. With more than 150 types of wood in different slicing and jointing techniques, this manufacturer meets the ever evolving needs of customers. Custom made veneers are also available with finishing techniques like lacquering, sawing and brushing.

With a wide range of superior veneer solutions, Decospan covers different types of applications including doors, pressing panels, blended surfaces, edge bandings and walls. Defining the quality of each product upfront, Decospan makes sure that their products meet the exact requirements of every customer. 

Offering different surface options, Decospan enhances the look and feel of the wood. Every piece of wood is subjected to different processes including structure, sawing, edge finishing, CNC, staining, lacquering and foiling with meticulous precision to deliver optimally functional and aesthetically appealing veneer solutions. 

The Best Laminates and Veneers Brands on Archello

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