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Light switches

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All About Light Switches

Light switches are used to operate electric lights through electrical equipment. In other words, they provide the medium to turn light on or off by allowing the power flow from the electric circuits to lights and appliances. All types of lights such as portable lamps have a switch connected through a socket and base with a wire. The switches can be manually operated or there are dimmer switches that allow for operation of the lights. These enable brightness control, turning a light on off etc.

Light switches are of many types such as time-control switches, occupancy-sensing switches, remote control switches and dimmers. With improved technology, switches have undergone change, allowing for a wide range of control access types. With evolving technology, light switches are also used in flashlights, automobiles, vehicles and other electric devices. These provide control for many functions apart from on off and also enable pre-set settings. Wall mounted switches found in commercial and residential buildings control lighting in a room. There are various options of light switches available in the market such as single pole, double pole, three way and four-way switches. Although these might look similar, once installed they function quite differently.

The switches placed on switch box protect the wiring from accidental contact with the terminals. Switches may be single or multiple and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These switches control the circuit linked with the lamps as these convert it into lower voltage needed in a main lighting circuit. Some light switches are operated by keys, timers or sensors.

Damaged and broken light switches are common in a home. This is usually caused by loose connections, which result in flickering lights. Many homeowners repair or replace a broken light switch on their own, but it is important to be familiar with the electric system before beginning the process. To take best care of switch installation and repair, taking help of a local service electrician is always a good choice. They ensure repair is safely and correctly undertaken. Since every home has multiple outlets and switches installed in every room, getting and placing these right is extremely important. Repair and proper maintenance of switches is vital for safe electric wiring. If any switch gets broken or damaged, then issues should be identified and repaired quickly.

Company Spotlight : JUNG

When it comes to electrical installation technology, JUNG is one of the best suppliers known for over 100 years. This company, which was founded by Schalksmühle in the German Sauerland, has come up with the best switches and system providers since 1912. Their electric system solutions are modern in appeal and are furthermore easy to use, safe and energy efficient. The company provides high quality products that can be relied upon and they offer guaranteed satisfaction. This company has received the ICONIC AWARD for Interior Innovation 2016, the Innovation prize for switch range and the classic LS 990 switch has received the German Design Award 2016.