Introducing Partner Dooor

Introducing Partner Dooor

17 Jan 2024  •  Partner News  •  By Collin Anderson

Folding or bi-fold doors make use of limited space by opening in panelized or pleated sections, with the sections gathering compactly against the door frame. They are useful in spaces like hallways or between living spaces that are too compact to support circulation around the full swing of single-leaf doors. Folding doors are also practical for installation in larger openings, where they can be partially or fully opened to provide a flexible range of space-use scenarios, even working like screens to partition off living or working areas. Folding doors are also more adaptable and require less wall thickness than typical pocketed sliding doors.

Inspired by the possible opportunities for well-designed folding doors in contemporary living, Francesco Mascarucci founded Dooor. Based in central Italy, the company manufactures a novel type of folding textile door system. Mascarucci gave new life and vision to an existing family business specialized in the production of accordion doors since 1962 and rooted in the tradition of pioneering Italian architects such as Gio Ponti and Gianfranco Frattini. 

Dooor folding doors are handcrafted and entirely bespoke, which makes each Dooor system unique. What they all have in common are the functional features of typical folding doors, enhanced by a broad range of aesthetic options that make use of sleek finishes, numerous cladding materials and countless colours. The possibility to clad the two sides with different coverings to match the surrounding atmosphere represents a value added for professionals who aim at giving a distinctive touch to interior spaces without foregoing functionality. 

The pleated textile system is hung from an aluminium track which may be visible, built-in, curved, standard or adjustable. The modularity of the structure allows to connect multiple panels and obtain spans of any length. In addition, Dooor systems can be designed to meet various configuration requirements through coupling devices that are L-shaped, T-shaped and X-shaped. The maximum height for a Dooor system is 6 meters. The closing of the door is usually performed by magnetic elements which may be visible or integrated into the wall. Alternatively, the closing can be mechanical and make use of latches and locks. 

Here are three excellent products offered by Dooor:


Dooor folding door with lateral opening

photo_credit Christopher Payne
Christopher Payne
Walnut Flat
studio wok
A key element is our intervention with greenery, reflecting Tulum but manipulated to provide a dynamic and unique setting for the city. Large pots acquired on site were...

This Dooor model is tailor-made to serve small and narrow spaces best suited to lateral opening doors, as well as for separating interior environments.


Dooor folding door with central opening

photo_credit Riccardo Delfanti
Riccardo Delfanti
Tommaso Giunchi Architetti
Renovation of a duplex apartment of about 220 m2 in San Felice (MI).

Central opening is appropriate for medium to large compartments, creating a central passageway and offering a reassuring sense of symmetry and openness. 


Dooor folding door with curved track

photo_credit Carola Merello
Carola Merello
Generali Offices Athens
Generali's newest headquarters, strategically nestled amidst the bustling Syggrou Avenue in downtown Athens, emerges as a cutting-edge, bioclimatic office complex, boasting LEED Gold certification for its commitment t...

When the tracks are curved the door features a sinuous silhouette, to offer an elegant alternative to angled solution and redesign volumes with curved or circular shapes.