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All About Outdoor Floor Tiles


Outdoor tiles are used as a convenient option for flooring an area which is exposed to a number of elements. These are equally easy to install as indoor tiles and have good capability to withstand frequent weather changes. Depending upon the type of material they are made from, ample design options are available with outdoor tiles. Selection of the right type of outdoor flooring tiles is a must to ensure durability for multiple years. Not all tiles are equal and for outdoor applications, tiles specifically made to be installed outside should be used.

Outdoor tiles are sturdy in nature, be it very hot, rainy or an area of heavy foot traffic, and are also attractive as well as function. Most outdoor tiles are slip resistant and therefore are very safe. As strong materials are used for making these tiles, they are highly scratch resistant. With outdoor tile, a wide range of styles, colors, patterns and design are available, adding to the appeal of outdoor spaces. 

There are endless options available with outdoor tiles. Some popular types are porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, travertine tiles, slate tiles, granite tiles, limestone tiles, soapstone tiles, sandstone tiles, plastic interlocking tiles, rubber tiles and concrete tiles. For the most budget-friendly solution, concrete tiles can be the best choice. Rubber tiles are a convenient solution to be installed at kids playing area. As are plastic interlocking tiles, which offer a good grip. The right type of tile can be selected on the basis of purpose and the nature of outdoor space where it is to be installed. Different effects which one can get with outdoor tiles are wood, concrete, stone, and marble. These tiles are available in different size like oversize, mid-size, small size and mosaic.

It is advisable to sweep the outdoor tiles regularly. For this, a natural bristle broom can be used. At regular intervals of time, tiles can be washed with clean water. When using a mop, try to wring out most of the water to avoid excess moisture on tiles. Depending on the type of material, cleaners can be used to clean outdoor tiles. Periodically, deep cleaning of tiles can be done. This will help in getting rid of stains and marks from the surface of the tiles. After deep cleaning, rinse and dry the tiles.


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