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Plastic cladding

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All About Plastic Cladding

Cladding refers to components that are attached to the primary structure of a building to form an external surface that is non-structural. Plastic claddings are a commonly used type of cladding on new houses for extra protection or for old houses as part of a renovation project. Plastic cladding is typically made from polyvinyl chloride and is easy to fit. It requires less maintenance as compared to other types of cladding. These sheets are normally installed to a building face with the help of glue or nails. This type of cladding can expand or contract as per weather changes and one thus needs to take care of this fact during installation.

Plastic cladding is mould resistant and waterproof by nature. Plastic cladding also has noise insulation capabilities and is very easy to install. Widely available and typically budget friendly, plastic cladding is available in many different colours with finishes that won’t scratch or peel off. Highly durable and resistant to rot, plastic cladding is easily removable and replaceable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions and oil and stain resistant as well.

Plastic is a highly flexible material available in not just many different colours but also different fnishes. Consumers can choose from wood finish, metal finish or stone finish among others. These can simply be repainted to create a totally different look. Consumers can also combine different finishes to create a mix which is pleasing to the eye.

Plastic cladding is much easier to maintain than the other cladding types. As it ages though, it becomes prone to cracking and fading of colour or texture. For maintenance, soapy water is the best option and consumers need to soak the cladding in the water for some time so as to lighten any oil stains.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Rodeca

Formed in 1971, Rodeca is an iconic brand located in Mulheim an der Ruhr and has production plants in Germany, Brazil and Italy. It exports to more than sixty countries worldwide and produces transparent building materials for facades, roofs and interior applications. They offer a unique range of materials and they strive to bring innovative products to the market at reasonable prices. Rodeca have a huge selection of trained professionals who are dedicated and are experts in their fields.

The best Plastic Cladding brands on Archello

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