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All about Roof Insulation

The roof is one of the most important components of a building. If the roof doesn’t function properly, the overall efficiency of a building comes down drastically. An ill-maintained or improperly installed roof is responsible for around 35% of the heat loss of a home or commercial building. Everybody is concerned with energy efficient buildings nowadays. Insulating a roof is one of the most practical and feasible investments to consider when making efforts to enhance the energy efficiency of a building.

Roof insulation acts as a barrier in preventing heat gain and loss. Firstly, insulation in a roof allows building owners to save money on their energy bills. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions is another benefit of insulating a roof, along with less reliance on heating and cooling systems. Overall comfort inside a building improves considerably with proper roof insulation.

Various types of materials are used to make roof insulation products. Basically, roof insulation can be classified into two categories, namely reflective insulation and bulk insulation materials. In order to install reflective insulation material, two layers of aluminum foils are squeezed with an inner layer of fiberglass, plastic sheet or foam. This type of insulation is capable of reflecting around 95% of radiant heat from the roof surface.

Bulk roof insulation is available in different styles, materials and formats. Blankets or batts are a popular type that falls under this category. This insulation material is basically made of mineral wool, sheep wool, cotton or fiber glass. Raising or expanding the flow of warm air makes heat retention and prevention difficult. This type of roofing is highly effective in trapping heat from penetrating outside or inside.

Rigid foam is another common material used for making bulk roof insulation products. Equipped with better insulation characteristics, it is a good option where space is restricted or confined. Sprayed polyurethane foam is also widely used to make bulk roofing products. Spray foam is a perfect option to provide insulation for a metal roof and seal it from leaks due to moisture and air ingress. Condensation can also be controlled with spray foam.

For creating a complete insulation system, architects and roofing contractors nowadays combine reflective and bulk insulation materials harmoniously. Fireplaces and heaters cannot guarantee optimal warmth inside a building without a properly insulated roof. Roof insulation not only allows the heat to escape during winter months but also prevents the excess heat from entering a building during the summer season.

Another advantage of roof insulation is that it works as an added layer of protection for a roof. The impact due to prolonged exposure to natural elements and inclement weather has adverse effects on a building’s roof. Adding an extra layer of protection, insulation helps a roof stay strong for several years. If there is no insulation applied on a roof, it becomes highly vulnerable to damage. Constant repair works invite large expenses. An entire roofing overhaul project can be very expensive as well. All these complexities can be easily avoided with roof insulation.  


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