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Washbasin taps offer style and functionality to a bathroom and kitchen in several ways. Washbasin taps feature numerous different types, styles, colors and designs, along with several installation options that can be chosen. Further to this, taps are made using different types of materials to meet varying requirements.

Careful consideration of several aspects is needed prior to choosing a washbasin tap. The most prominent factors are material, water pressure, finish, look, ease of maintenance, sink type and budget. There is a huge selection of traditional as well as modern washbasin taps designs available today. The final decision comes down to personal taste, overall style of the space and budget of the user.

There is also tremendous variety in terms of tap finishes. With a solid brass, stainless steel or zinc construction, the majority of washbasin taps add warmth, elegance and a touch of luxury to a kitchen or bathroom. Various finish options include brushed gold, polished gold, rose gold, black chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome and polished nickel. In contemporary settings, stylish chrome finish is a highly favored option. There is also high demand for nickel and antique gold finishes. 

Brass has always been the most popular material used to make washbasin taps. In addition to high durability, solid brass construction offers uncompromising style and elegance to a bath room or kitchen. Several people also choose solid stainless steel taps with a high shine or brushed finish.  

There are curved and square washbasin taps available nowadays. With extensive choice of shapes, final decision comes down to personal preference. Curved designs are immensely popular that can be found in almost all types of kitchens and bathrooms. Offering a clean and sophisticated look, square designs are trendy and highly popular as well. 

Other popular choices are deck or wall mounted washbasin taps. Architects are inspired to select wall mounted taps to achieve a modern look in a bathroom. Less space consuming, these products offer a spacious and luxurious look. When it comes to choosing deck mounted washbasin taps, there are options like pillar taps, mono taps, hole taps and many more.


Manufacturer Spotlight : Dornbracht


As a renowned washbasin taps manufacturer, Dornbracht offers innovative and unique tap products for kitchen and bathroom that meet highest standards in the industry. With a successful track record of more than 60 years, this manufacturer blends efficiency, quality, style, sustainability and technological innovation to deliver the ultimate washbasin tap solutions for their customers.


Dornbracht washbasin taps are available in a broad range of designs, styles and colors, as well as finishes and characteristics. In addition to offering a style defining aesthetic quality, Dornbracht products provide perfect support for different processes and functions.

Several years of intense research has helped Dornbracht gain deep insight and knowledge about the needs and preferences of their customers. This manufacturer incorporates the acquired knowledge into the design and production practices to offer the most suitable washbasin taps for bathrooms and kitchens.


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