Wood laminate flooring (148)

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All About Wood Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a man-made product which gives the exact look of wood or stone. It is best suited for consumers who have an extremely busy schedule as this type of flooring is effortlessly easy to clean and install. It is available in various widths and thickness and one can even achieve the look of wood flooring. Laminate flooring is created using high-density fiber. This type of fiber is made from industrial wooden waste. Its top layer is a photographic layer, which can give an illusion of actually walking on a wooden or bamboo surface.

Laminate floors are very durable and are considered to be a water resistant floor type. These floors can support high foot traffic and are an ideal choice for homes with children. These floors are also extremely cost-efficient and available in an endless variety of different styles. Highly versatile by nature, laminate flooring can be installed with any floor type. No dust is trapped within this floor and therefore it is considered safe for people who are prone to dust related allergies.

Wood laminate flooring is available in various options on the basis of installation type, texture, floor construction, patterns and AC ratings etc. It means that one can browse through a wide selection and can easily find the desired product to meet individual’s specific set of requirements. Based on installation type, laminate floors are available in three types: glue-less click, glued laminate and pre-glued. With glued laminate flooring one needs to glue the joints together and this increases the installation cost. Within the joints of pre-glued laminated floors, glue is already applied. On the basis of surface type, one can get variety in laminate floors such as smooth, embossed or textured, distressed and hand scraped surface to name a few.

It is advisable to avoid using wet mop to clean laminate flooring. Instead, use a simple vacuum cleaner to clean the surface on a regular basis and avoid the accumulation of dust. Making use of cleaner specially made for laminate flooring is also recommended along with a microfiber mop that can be used for removing foot stains and other marks. To avoid making laminate flooring look dull with time, cleaning it on a daily basis using conventional cleaning methods is desirable. Simple and easy maintenance is required with this type of flooring.

Company Spotlight : Gerflor

Gerflor is a leading manufacturer which deals in the manufacturing of wood laminated floors. This manufacturer is very popular for providing an innovative and unique solution for flooring. Gerflor manufactures eco-friendly products and also makes sure its manufacturing process does not cause any harm to the environment. With this manufacturer, one can achieve a wide range of flooring options. Every individual has their own needs when selecting the right flooring, and for this, Gerflor can be the right choice. With them, one can get a wide range of innovative flooring options. Its products are available under different brand names like Mipolam, Senso and Tarabus etc.